Unhinged Google Lead Designer Condemns GOP to Hell Over Kavanaugh Vote


In a Twitter rant on Saturday, Google’s lead designer Dave Hogue claimed that Republicans will “descend into the flames” of hell, and said that members of the GOP are “treasonous” and “evil” following the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

According to Hogue’s LinkedIn profile, he has worked as a UX Design Lead at Google in San Francisco since December 2013.

“You are finished, @GOP. You polished the final nail for your own coffins. F-CK. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL,” posted Hogue. “I hope the last images burned into your slimy, evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames.”

Hogue quickly deleted the post and posted a follow-up tweet condemning the Republican Party while also adding that he “should have been more eloquent and less condemning” in the previous post, Breitbart reported.

“Yes, I deleted that tweet. Yes, those opinions are mine personally, and I am responsible for them. Yes, I should have been more eloquent and less condemning,” declared Hogue. “Yes, I still believe the @GOP is wrong and not serving your best interests. Yes, I still believe we can do much better.”


Now, this may have been his personal opinion, but the fact remains that a fairly high-profile supervisor at Google didn’t think twice before posting such hateful comments publicly should speak volumes about the influence someone in his position has. It would be fair to assume that people he works with share the same views – it’s hard to imagine that he would tolerate working with someone who dons a MAGA hat.

Benjamin Arie, Conservative Tribune had this to say:

Consider for a moment if a representative of the company had posted this hateful comment about gay employees, or workers who had voted for Obama. No human resources department in America would tolerate this hate speech, yet it’s apparently completely fine at Google.

It’s yet another piece of evidence about a trend that countless whistle-blowers have been pointing out for months: There appears to be a major problem with hard-left political bias at places like Google, and these companies are in denial about what’s happening.

Former Google engineer James Damore, for instance, was fired by the search engine giant for having the not-so-radical opinion that men and women are different. Gasp!

“Google employees have witnessed multiple instances in which hundreds of ‘progressive’ Googlers would target a single co-worker for harassment, and even potential violence, over a politicized matter, humiliating the person and sabotaging his career,” claimed a lawsuit filed on Damore’s behalf, as we reported in January.

And while the tech company has publicly insisted that its politically unbiased, some insiders say the opposite is true.

“A leaked video … shows an internal meeting at Google shortly after the election of Donald Trump to the presidency in which Google’s leadership expressed deep sadness and an obsessive dedication” to influencing U.S. politics, we recently reported.

True diversity respects many different viewpoints, but it seems that companies like Google have become intellectual echo chambers.

Hogue likely felt comfortable posting his hateful and violent anti-Republican screed precisely because he knew it would be welcomed by his colleagues. For him, that biased anger was normal — and that is deeply troubling.


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