[Watch] Obama Program: Tax Payers Flying Central American Children To USA With Full Benefit Package


Tax payers are footing the bill for potentially millions of current and former illegal immigrants to have their children flown to the U.S. 

Once they arrive, they will be eligible for benefits including a free education, healthcare and food stamps.

The State Department and Department of Homeland Security will administer the program, which is a response to the flood of Central American children making dangerous journeys to illegally cross the U.S. southern border, so why not make it easier and just fly them over!

Any permanent resident, or illegal immigrant, granted or in the process of being granted a work permit under Barack Obama’s recent executive order or his deferred action policy, who has children under 21 living in Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador can apply for the program.


If their application is approved, the child will be granted a special refugee status and flown into the U.S. where they will receive “resettlement assistance” and be eligible for taxpayer benefits. If the child has children under 21 they can come too, as well as a parent of the child who is married to the applicant.

And American tax payers are covering the bills!


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