Deaths Connected to Obama: Coincidence or Obama’s ‘Dead Pool’ to Protect Obama’s Illegal Presidency


This is a comprehensive accounting of people associated with Obama in some fashion or another who’ve either met with untimely deaths or whose death is questionable due to unusual circumstances. Never before has so much controversy surrounded a potus without consequences or investigation. Even when family and associates question the deaths they suddenly withdraw from doing so as if warned the same may happen to them.

This is not conspiracy theory people – this is fact, and its happening on a grand scale with many accomplices in the Obama administration!


By: Rebel Rebellion III%




  1. it was know back in 2004 he wasnt a natural born u.s.ofa but what was done then nothing like thee wil be nothing with all this talk he was puppet and evevr one knows that he thought he was great what he could be a freaking patch on my ass so every body think he did great he didint do nothing on hios own he was told what to say when to say it on the orther hand trumpisnt a puppet he said he is going do something and he getts it don the wall as long as it is going t make mney for the freaking dec. thye said oh ya thta is goood ideal so what cahnge there mine i tell you they got all up tight about some bitch sayng something and it when out of control so all the time they were in court with this deal l;ook what happen nothing and the peopel that had thing to do with it just keep quite but it is know all that are in on it but wil take care of it self when the time comes and ombab he and about 20 of then fasicash dec, should a;ll be put uup agagin a wall and shot they are all commies and they know how they are as the people of the u.s./ of a. if they sitck to what thye get payed to do then sitck there noises in orther thing thta go on all the yime why should they try to make a big deal out pof oh i know is it because the present we have now know how to say y o u r f i r e d to me that a good present so i say to him keep up with what you are going it is great for the u.s. ofa. to see a pressident thta not afride to speek his own mine and tell the orher that think thye know it to go to helll im the present and i wil d o what right for the people and in my books we have needed one of these for a long time i wish a native american would run oh the hell maybe i wil and i really dont see why one wont and for these rad head that are in the house and senten if they are here then why in hell should the reg. make then so much better then the people that live hee and have been here way long them any way they dont nee d ot be trying to tell us what to do because it be bow down to them we have all gone to hell and i tell you i wil never blow down to them they conme here and they think we own them a living what about all the people here taht are poor we could use the help but e dont ask becuase our ofr father didint so why should we but there are a lot of us that try to se the gov and stedad of satninng on own two ft yes it is hard when there is no work but that not there propblem i think it is because all the big wiigs in buss when to cheaper places to get there probusct made but look how long t o they last to tell you i have a 1963 ford pickup truck it looks like it came off the show room floor no i havent restored it but it looks thta good and it has over 7 millioon miles on it and the motor is stil the org one that vame with it you tell me wil one of your new ons run that long i dont think soo and anorther is these new big rigs thye get bought driven for about if lick 3000000 miles but long befor that thye are in the shop some is wrong eith the computer thta are in them are gone out they need new eng there is sop much thta goes wrong with them they just dont make then like they use to i have 1989 big car kw with over 11.7 million miles on it i know how to do all my own miat on it it has never had any major eng work on it at all ui mean nothing alll that is done to is ever 200000miles it get a service i send in a oil smaple evevry yr i have heda it and nothing comes back bad and to it is the longest the biggest slepper and the best show truck out there and also it has a stick shift not like w hat these new driver are driving auto and that goes on there lic and if they need to drive a stick they need to take every thing all over agagain and beside that in my truck i dont evevr have to work aboput any one drving it since i have had come to asnwer my add fopr a driver they can drive it because it to long the can make any right disition on how to do it and they all that have come out cannt drive the sitck since i have tow of then a 18 and a four also it is long over 40 ft on the tractor and a 24 ft slepper on it and to top it off it can book out at over 135miles per hr you seee i have twin turbo on it nad it is pushing 1000 hp and stil get 6.9 mile to the gallon but that is what i mean thye dont build an thing like they use to if they would go back to the way it was and topok all thhhhhis shit on that is needed and go back to what really wroked and got the peopel back top work doing what they do best by using there hands to build instead of these freaking robot thiiiiiiing just miiiight last longer but them they woulldnt be selling new ones ever yr and i guess you would say that would put a lot of sale people out of work have you evevr seen whe you come on to a lot there is like 10 guys coming t you to seel you any thing and some time they just piss me off when i wnat ro buy i wil tell them thta is what i want and this is what im going to pay just like the old days and if they dont want it then i go a anortgher place till i get what want so end of story agagin keep up the good mr presiedan

  2. At first and after my own personal investigation of Barack Hussein Obama II; nothing was known about this joker. As I continued my investigation, I managed to procure Barack Hussein Obama II’s original birth certificate from the Coast Province General Hospital of Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, East Africa which are issued to parents. In addition, I also managed to procure a “Certified Copy of Registration of Birth” which is kept on record with the Coast Province in Kenya, East Africa. From there Barack Hussein Obama II’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham developed the hots for an Indonesian, and then, moved to Indonesia where Barack Hussein Obama II attended Islamic school. In order for Stanley Ann Dunham to return to the United States, she had to procure Indonesian Passports, one for herself, one for her lover, and one for Barack Hussein Obama II. (Under which name is still unknown.)

    As it stands today, 2 million dollars were spent to cover up Barack Hussein Obama II’s birth and college documents. Until proven otherwise, Barack Hussein Obama II is a foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur with two major goals to fulfill in accordance with the Democrat’s “Communist Rule for Revolution” playbook under Item 2. “Divide the people into hostile groups [whites against blacks] by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.” Item 4. “Always preach true democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.” Don’t think the foreign-born illegal alien Barack Hussein Obama II hadn’t accomplished the above goals and more…. the destruction of our nation’s economic system. The late and former Soviet Union leader Nikita S. Khrushchev was right when he said; “You Americans are so gullible.” [September 29, 1959] He made this statement at the corrupted country club of the United Nations (UN).

    If Americans don’t know American and World history, and our nation’s Constitution, you will forever be ignorant! I could sell you the Brooklyn Bridge if you’re ignorant!?

    USAF (RET)


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