Ilhan Omar’s Teenage Daughter Says ‘We Are Going To Be’ Voting Trump Out Of Office (Video)


If Democrats got their way, 16-year-old’s would be voting in 2020, and if that were to happen, chances are they would never lose another election due to the level of left leaning influence children are subjected to.

Take for example the Global Climate Strike that took place Friday when children from across the country were permitted time off school to protest. Did they really understand what they were protesting about, or are they just repeating the rhetoric that their Democrat elders told them was the truth, sadly, young people today believe whatever they are told about climate change. And those that don’t go along with the left’s climate change doctrine are shunned and bullied into submission, or forced to hide their feelings and pretend to go along.

Among the organizers of the Global Climate Strike was 16-year-old high schooler Isra Hirsi, the co-founder of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike and daughter of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Hirsi helped to launch U.S. Youth Climate Strike the same month that her mother took office.

Hirsi joined host Amy Goodman on the left-wing program Democracy Now! on Friday to talk about her role in climate activism and her thoughts on climate change. Goodman asked if she had a message for Trump.

From Washington Examiner:

The daughter of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar threatened to vote President Trump out of office if his administration does not act to solve the “incredible crisis” of climate change.

She noted, “President Trump, your actions are actually harming people. Millions of people across this country are being impacted by [your inaction]. Us young people are not going to stand down and allow this inaction to continue.

She added, “We will continue to be on the streets until we see some change from your office. We are going to be voting you out because we need a leader that is actually going to take action on this incredible crisis.

Omar seems to be synonymous with scandal these days, and we’re not talking about that ABC show.

Omar’s latest headline-grabber got the attention of the most powerful man in the world’s eldest son.

Making his way to the rin, Donald Trump Jr…

From Daily Wire:

On Friday, Donald Trump Jr. slammed far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) in a tweet that took aim at the congresswoman’s latest scandal — an alleged affair with a married man that led the man’s wife to file for divorce.

To summarize: @IlhanMN took (defrauded?) $$$ from donors who have very little disposable income. Then she “spent” their cash with her lover, who was married to another woman. And all of this after speculation that she married her brother to get around U.S. immigration law. YIKES!

Trump Jr. referenced the bombshell divorce filing that The New York Post reported in which Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett accused her husband Tim Mynett, a Democratic strategist, of having an affair with Omar.

The media will label Jr’s words as an attack on Omar and refused to delve further into her situation.

Because that’s what the mainstream media is good for in 2019. Nothing else.

Check out this tweet from a liberal website. Try not to laugh.

It might be hard.

Opinion: No politician in living memory has been treated as badly as Ilhan Omar


Steve Scalise was shot by a deranged Democrat. Rand Paul had his ribs broken by a deranged Democrat. But do go on about how Omar’s feelers were hurt when she was called out for being a Jew-hater.

Someone shot at a bunch of Republicans and almost murdered one. Rand Paul was beaten in his own yard. Betsy DeVos, Pam Bondi and Sarah Sanders have been surrounded and run out of public places. Mitch McConnell just had people chanting for him to be stabbed outside his own home.

Parody account.

She is an antisemite who clearly dislikes America. She has also sought to get ISIS recruits off on lighter sentences.

She is terrible.