[Watch] Air Force Veteran Who Posed For Playboy Is Tackled By Cops For Defending American Flag

[Watch] Air Force Veteran Who Posed For Playboy Is Tackled By Cops For Defending American Flag


An Air Force veteran and former Playboy model was arrested for taking an American flag from campus protesters who were trampling on it.


Michelle Manhart, 38, was handcuffed and arrested by police at Valdosta State University, Georgia,  after grabbing the American flag and refusing to return it to the student demonstrators.


Manhart told the Valdosta Daily Times that she ‘did not want anything like this, but I got a call from a student who told me that the flag was on the ground, and they were walking on it.’

‘I was just going over there to pick up the flag off the ground. I don’t know what their cause is, but I went to pick it up because it doesn’t deserve to be on the ground.’

She continued: ‘If your cause is racism then find some white people and walk on them.

‘But to walk on the flag is walking on our symbol of freedom. You have the freedom to do what you are doing because of it. I’m not fighting against them. I’m fighting against the way they are going about it.’


Video footage of the event, on Friday, shows Manhart struggling with officers, who force her to the ground after she refuses to let the flag go.


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